Technology is evolving in a faster speed than traditional education, the required skill set from industry also upgrades rapidly. To pave the way to everyone's future career, Xcourse introduce life-long education service and in-demand education service to help people upgrade their skill sets in an agile and effective way.
Xcourse aims to bring latest and most demanding skill sets from industry to public through in-depth collaboration with different industry sectors. Introduce most demanding skill sets of each sector to public. As a student, they can have intensive interactions with tutors from various industries to improve their hard skills as well as their understanding of their interested fields.


Xcourse is open to all kinds of collaborations which can help students or working people upgrade their skillsets and improve competitiveness in working environment. We provide agile and industry-oriented courses to help individual improve their working efficiency by using new tools, acquiring new technical skills. Any organization share the similar vision is welcome for collaboration with Xcourse.

Companies that like to upgrade their employee skillsets on new technology and new tools.

Educational Institutions that like to improve student competitiveness in interview and job market.

Organizations that likes to help students or members improve their compatibility in new environment.

Groups or Societies that have the passion to promote life-long education.


Professionals from popular IT companies with the passion to share their experience and help individuals to upgrade their skillsets and competitiveness. We are looking for talented professional for course tuition with competitive allowance. If interested, please contact us though the channels provided below.

Bloggers who has considerable follower and they have the demand to improve their competitiveness. Please contact us though the channels provided above.


We are always here to help you paving the way for your future. Please follow our WeChat Account or visit our official website to enroll the course you like. For more information, please contact us though the channels provided above.