Product Use Cases

Training Centers

Fight COVID-19 with digital transformation, we made it easy for you!

Move all your teaching material online easily. Manage students, manage courses even manage corporate clients all in one place. We have all the features to meet all you demands.

Create live streaming classroom as easy as a few clicks. Live chat with your students live before. Record the live streaming, upload for future training. We have made it all available for you.

Manage quiz / examnation, auto grading for you. Manage students and score easily. Education has never being easier.

Product Training for Financial Institutions

Working remotely, difficult to communicate? We are here to help!

Live streaming classroom help you with product training remotely during COVID-19 period. We can host up to 1000 attendees in a classroom. Record the video and upload for reuse.

Conference meeting with colleagues everyday? You can easily create live meetings share to your colleagues, no installation needed.

Free Lancers

Need a tool to teach remotely now? Need a platform to reuse your education material? Need a way to collect payment?

Xcourse has solved all that for you. You can create course and upload material for reuse. Collect payment online. Manage your past students all in one platform.

Live streaming classroom provides you a powerful tool to teach one to one or host a group training. You can even organise your training in groups easily.

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