Thailand Central Group Adopts Xcourse LMS for Product Sales Training

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Central Group in Thailand

Thailand retail and service business giant Central Group has adopted Xcourse Learning Management System for product training. Xcourse LMS will greatly help Central Group improve the expertise of sales team for various products. 

About Central Group

Central Group consists of a variety of diverse investments in various corporations domestically and internationally, each of which has become a leader in the retail, property development, brand management, hospitality, and food and beverage sectors, and in digital lifestyle.

Product Training for Sales

Product training for sales is the first step towards sales excellence. Well-trained sales has good understanding of features, competitive advantages of the product, and provides professional service to their clients. Xcourse LMS provides flexible course management service and comprehensive tracking for learners to manage their learning progress. Ultimately, the detailed report will show the learning result of each learner and guarantee the content has been fully understood by the learner. 

Comprehensive Report

Killer Features of Xcourse LMS

  • Course registration and online payment collection
  • Flexible course content management, supports Video, PDF, Quiz, Article, etc
  • Student learning progress tracking
  • Learning progress reporting for managers
  • Live streaming for interactive teaching
  • etc

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