Case Study: Thaioil Group

Use Xcourse System for Recruitment Automation

Simplify Recruitment Process

  • Post jobs and apply jobs on job portal with Thaioil Group branding
  • Receive email notification for all activities
  • Manage candidates by jobs and customized groups
  • Create and assign online exam for candidates
  • Manage job application status
  • Create interview for candidates via integrated ZOOM/Teams
  • Compare candiates and view live report of exam results

Xcourse Recruitment Platform

Automate interview and exam process for batch recruitment

Live Streaming Classroom
Data Driven K12 LMS
Advanced Learning Reporting

Recruitment Features

Simplify recruitment process

White Labelled

Fully expose your branding value to job seekers

Job Listing & Search

Freely publish / unpublish your jobs and search for most suitable jobs for job seekers

Email Notification

Timely email notification with rich information to manager and job seekers

Interview Management

Create video interview for candidate or group of candidate easily

Secure Online Exam

Secure online exam for candidate to automate and expedite the interview process

Comprehensive Report

Collect rich data for employers to compare candidates with quantitative proof

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