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Live Streaming Classroom
Data Driven K12 LMS
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Why Xcourse LMS for K12 Education

A secure advanced LMS for corporate internal training

Exercise Management Made Easy

Share exercise through WhatsApp? Not any more!
Xcourse has made exercise management so easy. Tutors publish exercise, student upload their exercise all in one portal. Tutors can even mark exercise directly online, with scores and remarks for each submission. There is summary list clearly showing who are to mark and who yet to submit yet.

Data Driven LMS

Understanding your student's performance through comprehensive reporting.
Different levels of reportings are made for students, tutors and even whole company. You can clearly see each student's strength, weakness and the recommended exercise to help him achive better in the future.

Live Streaming Classroom

Live Streaming has been proven an effective teach tool, you should not miss it.
With live streaming tool, you can communicate with students just like face to face. What Xcourse made different is that you dont need to download and install any application for live streaming class, and it is even more secure than Zoom.

Secure Remote Quiz

Taking quiz online can be as secure as face to face.
We have specifically designed secure online quiz for different use cases. Copy/paste, screenshot and all cheating can be avoided with Xcourse Secure online quiz system. Live monitoring of suspecious actions are saved to server to be further analysed.

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