Secure LMS for corporates with confidential material

Secure, Stand-Alone, Internal LMS for Corporates

Only accessible in corporate network, stand alone private database

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Our training platform

Advanced secure LMS for more effect knowledge sharing

Xcourse Classroom
Xcourse Classroom
Xcourse Classroom

Why Xcourse LMS

A secure advanced LMS for corporate internal training

End to End Encryption

Strong end-to-end encryption guranteed for every piece of information flowing on the internet. Corporate internal training should be as safe as any other IT infrastructures.

Stand Alone Database

Dedicated server and database are deployed for your corporate, not to share with anyone else. Physical isolation is ensured to eliminate any chance of accidental leaking.

Network Access Control

Network security groups are configured to ensure every piece of information is only accessible within corporate network. Confidential information are always kept internal.

Strong Permission Checking

Every action is validated in the system, every user is attached to a role with clear permission granted. Every action performed are logged for auditing and tracking.


Quick Setup

With automated deployment process and containerized management, you can get a stand alone secure LMS within 1 working day with fully customizable branding.


Technical Support

Xcourse have all every thing taken cared for you. With every question you may have, we are here to help you. Technology is our advantage, we have it managed for you.


Free Upgrading

You do not need a team of engineer to have an advanced LMS, Xcourse keep your system updated for FREE with more and more friendly features to simplify your training.